Sequential or Autoresponder Messaging

Sequential messaging is is often referred to as autoresponder messaging.

This is where you or your campaign manager will set up a series of messages that will be delivered to a subscriber based on one of two criteria:

  1. Specific Dates
    • Dec. 25, 2015
    • Jan. 5, 2016
  2. Specific time frames after the subscription time
    • Immediately after subscription confirmation
    • 1 Day after subscription, 3 days, 9 days, 15 days and so on
    • 1 Week, 1 month, 1 year or what ever time frame combination you dream up or need

VS. Email

This has traditionally been the backbone of email marketing. And is a true set and forget system for each messaging campaign that you run.

We use this sequential messaging with SMS messaging.

This is because SMS, or text messages, are read over 90% within 30 seconds of being received! That is an amazing result.

The traditional email campaigns using autoresponders and sequential messaging do not and will never have an open and read rate like this. My own experience, as of late, has seen emails opened as much as a month later! Most are after a week or not til the weekend when it the message no longer carries any relevancy.

Plus there is the SPAM or JUNK folder of most email clients that quite often send legitimate emails into these folders. Once in the junk folder many people just delete all contents of the folder with out looking through it.

And with SMS there is no junk folder!

How To Use

Generally you will write your messages and save them for the interval or date of your choice. You would save each message separately with it's interval or date. As go along you will be building your sequential message campaign.

You want to do more than just send sales messages with a call to action of buy, buy, buy! Or send out just discounts and coupons.

When using sequential messaging you want to build relationships with your subscribers, build trust and set yourself as an authority in your market. With traditional email you could write as much or as little as you like. But with SMS you need to keep it to 140 or 160 characters in length. So how do you build a relationship with such short messages?


Send messages that contain a topic and a link to an article you found or one you wrote and posted to your site. Keep a common thread through all of your messages and links. This will help build your client relationship and you create your authority in your market. Viola! Your an expert that customers trust and will buy from or make purchases based on your recommendation.

Once you are the expert authority in your customers eyes you can start making your purchase call to action messages. But keep those authority building messages going out to your clients.

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