Scavenger Hunt Plus

The Scavenger Hunt feature from Local Touch Media has multiple uses that you can utilize. Let's take a look at these in more detail to give you a better handle on the power and versatility of this fun feature.

Scavenger Hunt

This is the first and obvious function to look at.

Using a simple question and answer system Scavengers will be sent a question and given 3 tries to correctly answer before being given the correct answer. You can have as many questions as you like.

Each question gives you the option as the organizer to make several answers possible to help things along. For example: "What is my name? Answers: Bob, Bob Smith, Mr. Bob, Mr. Smith, Mr. Bob Smith etc...

Once a team has correctly answered all of the Scavenger Hunt questions they will be sent a message with their prize. 

You can offer as many prizes for finishing as you like, limit it one final prize and even offer a runner prize for all other teams or not.

Pub Crawl / Poker Run / Car Rally

This is a fun one as you can have your first question as a clue to the first pub or location that the pub crawl or poker run will be stopping at. Participants can get this question at the starting point. Once they have the answer the system can send them a question about the location they are going to. Make the answer something that they will need to arrive at the stop to find the answer. Next question sent to the participants is a clue to the next stop in the crawl / run / rally.

Repeat this for each stop along the way.

Prizes can be automatically dispersed as in the scavenger hunt.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivia games have always been popular in Pubs whether for Rock/Music, Sports or General knowledge.

With our system you could set up multiple round games to be played by teams or individuals.

Being that it is trivia you do not want to give multiple attempts to answer correctly or send a hint. Well then this can be arranged easily. Just don't offer a hint!

A great way to bring back a classic hit with a new twist.