Mobile Coupons

Mobile or Digital Coupons are just what they sound like. These are the new age version of the traditional printed discount coupons found found in newspapers and flyers.

But these coupons are much more powerful and effective.

Mobile Coupons have a 10 times higher redemption rate versus their printed counterparts. 

Without the cost of printing and the fact that mobile coupons are sent directly to those that want them or directly to your customers makes them so well used. Plus with the fact that Mobile Coupons have interactive features that traditional coupons will never have.

The extra features that mobile coupons have are:

  • couponSocial sharing through Facebook, Twitter and SMS
  • Maps to your store
  • Website link
  • Tap to call
  • Expiration date
  • Fine print to show terms and conditions
  • Use custom or template images
  • Show products original price with strike through it
  • Show products discount price
  • Product description
  • One time redemption per user
  • An end user will not be able to access the mobile coupon again once it has been redeemed
  • Use various types of bar codes
  • Track redemption's through multiple locations
  • Set the system to remind end users of the mobile coupon that the expiry date is coming.
  • Set reminder for 1 - 10 prior to expiry

Because of these features you can control usage better, track your Return on Investment, get viral social growth of your business.

These Mobile Coupons have one extra feature that we have not discussed yet.

You can grow your marketing list. 

With each social share of your mobile coupons a new coupon user needs to subscribe to your list to get the mobile coupon. Now your list has viral growth and you can apply the practice of the Sequential Messaging that we talk about on that page.

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