Lead Generation

What is lead generation?

It is the act of acquiring information of consumers that are or may be interested in your service or product that you have for sale.

Our main stand alone lead generation product has been very successful in the past for Realtors and Car Dealer Salesmen.

For Realtors

In the past Realtors would use a "Text linting123 to 12345" or QR Code to do the same thing, as their approach to get a potential home buyer to receive information about the listing. Our Lead Generation product would then send a link to a mobile site or send particular information after they confirmed they wanted to receive this information. The Lead Generator would also capture the potential home buyers cell phone number and then either email or text it to the Realtor. The Realtor now has a lead that is as hot and fresh as they come.

The Realtor would know the type of neighborhood, maybe their name (if they used that feature), a starting point for price range of homes the potential home homer is looking at and of course their number so the Realtor can give the potential home buyer a call. Book a viewing of that home or maybe another.

The Lead Generation product also has the ability to link into a series of "auto-responder" SMS messages to send directly to the potential home buyers phone with links to similar properties over a pre-determined period of time and intervals.

Car Sales

For a salesman at a car dealership this would work much the same way. But I like to see a potential car buyer get sent to a video that they can watch on their mobile phone. This builds up their excitement and attachment to the vehicle while they are standing right in front of it.

The process would ensue where the salesman would could receive the name, phone number and car that the potential buyer is looking at.

A fast acting salesman could call this buyer immediately or send an automated response to this buyer asking them to call the salesman right now to book a test drive. The salesman could offer an incentive like first oil change on me or any other incentive they wish.

All about taking a prospective buyer and not just collecting them as a lead but turning them into a client.


Charities can use lead generation to increase contributions and awareness to their cause.

An example could be a sign at a mall kiosk, in a store or wherever they may advertise to gain exposure. This sign could include a simple call to action to "Learn more" and a QR Code or call of Text "Charity to 12345".

The Lead Generator can send more information or a link to a mobile or responsive website and show a video and written content with images that would further educate the interested person about the Charities cause.

The Charity can then take the collected phone numbers and follow up with the persons interested in the Charity and solicit their volunteer services, donations or participation in an upcoming community event.

Sports Leagues

Same applies to sports leagues for sharing information not just with potential new players or team registrants but they can also spread the word about new league information from registration dates to extra events and tournaments.

To Sum it up

No matter what your reason or need for generating leads the Lead Generator here at Local Touch Media is guaranteed to get the job done!

The many ways of implementing our Lead Generator truly are limited only by your imagination and of course local laws.

Whenever using a Lead Generation product such as ours always be sure to include a link in one of the initial SMS messages, that establish permission based sending of the SMS messages, to a Terms of Service or even more important a Privacy Policy.

You never want to leave an opening in your process that will allow people to complain about you, your charity , or business. There is no difference in the permission required to SMS messages to people than when you send any commercial email. It always has to be permission based and the communication started by the end user. Your leads.

What would you like to do with your next lead generation campaign?

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