Kiosk Tablets

What is a Kiosk Tablet?

Well this is a tablet that it is used in stores or carried on the street by an employee for two very different and distinct purposes.

Purpose One

The first purpose we are going to talk about is Lead Generation.

This is where consumers or end users are asked to join your marketing list to receive messages on a regular or semi regular basis. Although you would not just straight out call it your marketing list when talking to your potential subscribers. You will more than likely just call it a VIP Club or something along those lines. Totally up to you.

When potential subscribers ask about it you will tell them they are subscribing to stay informed about your up coming events, news about your business, receive weekly specials or random discounts or mobile coupons.

This purpose of lead generation through the tablet kiosk can be used with many of our other mobile marketing methods and campaigns. Such as:

  • Mobile Coupons
  • Auto or Sequential responders
  • Contests
  • Questionnaires
  • Polling

Once you have your subscribers you are able to send out any of the above as tools to help build and grow your business.

Now, of course,  you're not going to just send out a questionnaire or poll to your subscribers. You will want to invite them to participate in a questionnaire or poll. This way your not seen as pushing participation or overly disturbing your subscribers.

Sequential Messaging

The auto or sequential responders are great for sending out follow up information or a series of links to mobile online content. By the way, never send a link in an SMS that will take the end user to a non mobile or non responsive website. This is just completely against the grain of using mobile marketing.

These sequential messages will be sent out to your subscribers at timed intervals set by you. You can set up ass many as you like in advance and let the system be your automated marketing system. Be sure to read  more about auto  sequential responders here on this site. You will find them under services in the main menu above.

Mobile Coupons

These are exactly what they sound like.

Coupons just like their paper counterparts but in digital format on an end users mobile device. Primarily smart phones and tablets.

You can have a mobile coupon designed by us or DIY if you prefer using our mobile coupon creator and send these out to your subscribers. These can be sent individually, or automatically for subscribing to your list or as a part of a sequential messaging system.

These Mobile Coupons can include many features such as:

  • Social sharing through Facebook, Twitter and SMS
  • Maps to your store
  • Website link
  • Tap to call
  • Expiration date
  • Fine print to show terms and conditions
  • Use custom or template images
  • Show products original price with strike through it
  • Show products discount price
  • Product description
  • One time redemption per user
  • An end user will not be able to access the mobile coupon again once it has been redeemed
  • Use various types of bar codes
  • Track redemption's through multiple locations
  • Set the system to remind end users of the mobile coupon that the expiry date is coming.
  • Set reminder for 1 - 10 prior to expiry

Purpose Two

This is still lead generation but with a very distinct purpose.

Purpose Two is to offer a Loyalty Rewards program similar to the old punch cards that every business seemed to offer and everyone seemed to carry multiple cards for this purpose from just about every business.

Why was it seeming like every business and every person that had these cards?

Because benefit of offering Loyalty Cards worked for the business creating repeat loyal customers at an improved rate of time between visits. This creates more visits in a smaller time frame than usual.

These cards also offered a benefit to the consumer. As the more often they would visit and make a purchase at a business the sooner they would receive a reward for doing so. This is typically 10 purchases equals a discount, a special item or a freebie. This of course depends on the type of business offering the loyalty rewards cards.

Notably a coffee house would maybe offer a free coffee or muffin after 7 purchases. While an Oil N' Lube shop like one in my town gives a free oil change after ten oil change purchases.

Loyalty Rewards programs are so effective that even the biggest companies out there use them.

Look at Disney, Warner Bros, movie theaters, grocery stores, gas stations and the list goes on.

The Best Part

The best part of using the Tablet Kiosk to help manage your Loyalty Rewards Program is that it is digital.

That means you effectively could be set up today and ready to go.

No cards to purchase & print, store on shelves or your front counter. Customers do not have to carry them around with them, they will never lose a card as it is digital in cyber-space. Staff can't just add an extra "punch" to a card and staff will never be put into the position of having to deal with customers saying "I lost my car. It only needed one or two purchases to be complete. Can you give me a new one with all but the last two punches?" Not everyone is dishonest in this way but why deal with it when there is no need to.

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