Daily Deals

Offering a Deal

Offering a deal on a deal site can be a very beneficial endeavor for your business. If done right. The deal site should charge a low marketing fee, build a marketing database for you and you should combine it with an in house program. 



Other Deal Platforms

  • Marketing Fees as much as 50% of deal sale price.
  • Wait 2 weeks to 3 month for your money.
  • No way to directly market to your new customers.
  • You are left to manage your own account.
  • Some want yearly or monthly subscription fees.
  • No control over purchase limits or redeeming limits. Lacks in unique customers.

The Difference

change or same old choice concept on signpost hand drawing on whiteboard



Our Deal Platform

  • Marketing Fees never higher than 25%.
  • Immediate cash flow with our redemption pricing
  • We build you a database of customers that want to frequent your business
  • We manage your campaigns for you.
  • No money up front to offer a deal
  • We reduce fraudulent purchases keeping your list full of unique customers


We Generate Loyal Repeat Customers

  • Earn 50% more per sale
  • After the Deal marketing campaigns
  • We manage all deal and complementing campaigns
  • You get paid with each voucher redeemed
  • Combination campaigns for greater success
  • Higher returns with live tracking