Contests are great for use with other marketing and advertising campaigns that involve print, radio or television.

You can have people text a KEYWORD to your shortcode number. For example for a newspaper ad you can put in the advertisement to text KEYWORD1 to your shortcode to win a prize and have the system put a limit on the dates and time that entries will be accepted. Then it will draw up to 5 winners randomly for you.

You're In Control

When you start a new contest you can chose to use an existing marketing list as your entrants or you can chose to use only fresh new entries. For this you would choose a start date & time and a finish date & time. This will only allow entrants between these two times. 

Once the closing date and time have passed the contest system will send out congratulatory messages to the winners and messages of consolation to the non winning entrants. 

The winners will also have their prize sent to them via SMS if a coupon or instructions on how to claim their prize.


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