The Appointment Manager

Our Appointment Management system frees up your receptionist time on the phone for confirmation and re-booking of appointments. Ask to see our Return on Investment Calculator. You'll be surprised at what you are losing financially each year due to missed appointments and receptionist time on the phone.

You can upload all of your appointments at once using a CSV File upload to get you started and after that you can enter all new appointments manually as you do now. But here is the improvement. Your appointment clients will receive a text message, at a time frame specified by you, before their appointment date as a reminder of their upcoming with you.

After a client receives a reminder they have options they can choose to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointment. A text confirming an appointment will require nothing from your receptionist. A cancel request from a client will require no further action from your receptionist. The cancel request will remove the appointment from the system. The Appointment Management system will then just simply show the canceled appointment time slot as available. This allows for your reception to fill this spot again, never being concerned that there used to be an appointment there. A reschedule request will send a notification to your receptionist, or appointment scheduling person, letting them know to call the client and reschedule them into an available time slot.

All using text!

Using our text system platform your reception can even send out a message to multiple people at once offering any available time slots to fill the void in a day. An easy way to keep your time slots filled and managed effectively while keeping income loss, due to missed appointments and unfilled time slots, to an absolute minimum.   Thus increasing your profits month after month.


What Business Benefit from Appointment Manager?

The list of businesses that can benefit from the use of the Local Touch Media Appointment Management System. Any business that uses appointments to operate their business is a perfect fit for this magnificent system.

  • Doctors - Dentists
  • Automotive Shops - Spas
  • Hair Salons - Lawyers
  • Dog Groomers - Accountants
  • Mortgage Brokers - Financial Advisors
  • Chiropractors - Personal Trainers
  • Restaurants (That require reservations only)
  • Government Offices - Schools
  • Plumbers - Cable Home Service

And the list continues on with a great deal of businesses that offer services, you may not see your business type listed here but if you use appointments to keep your business going you can benefit from the Appointment Management system.

Benneficial Reasons to use Appointment Management System

Click the image below to view an example return on investment from using the Appointment Management system.


This example ROI is assuming a few facts that you can clearly see in the formula on the page. What you can't see is paying your receptionist $13 an hour for 3 hours a day for 22 days a month.

As you can see this formula for the Return on investment shows you can reclaim just under $33,000.00 for the year. I don't know if this is a lot or a little to you. But if it were me I would not say no to reclaiming $33,000.00!

This is a quick and simple example but you can contact us with the information needed for the first 5 items in the image and we can send you a personalized quote.

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