Most Recent Mobile Coupon Campaign

Local Touch Media recently managed a mobile coupon campaign for a small pizza company. In just a mater of a few short weeks they delivered over 100 mobile coupons to their customers. These were 3 coupons, cover each size of pizza available, for a specific specialized section of their pizza menu. If offered straight across […]

Our Focus

Local Touch Media’s focus is on your business in the Hospitality and Services industries. With over 30 years in the Hospitality Industry working, managing and owning restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels we speak your language and know how your business works and its needs. Every service we offer and mange is designed to grow your business […]

Best Deal Campaign Practices – Part 2

Manageable Offers When putting together an offer to be made available on a deals site you have to make sure that it is manageable by not only your bottom line but by your staff and the volume capability of your over all business. When looking at what is manageable you first need to look at […]

Best Deal Campaign Practices – Part 1

There has been a lot of bad press about deal sites that have driven businesses into the ground forcing them to close their doors. You have heard the stories of more vouchers sold than the business can accommodate, too short a time frame before expiration, too steep a discount, waiting too long for sales funds, […]