Most Recent Mobile Coupon Campaign

Local Touch Media recently managed a mobile coupon campaign for a small pizza company.

In just a mater of a few short weeks they delivered over 100 mobile coupons to their customers. These were 3 coupons, cover each size of pizza available, for a specific specialized section of their pizza menu. If offered straight across their menu I would guarantee a great deal more of these coupons being delivered.

Out of this delivery of coupons they also saw a greater than 60% redemption rate!

This is an unbelievable redeem rate of coupons for traditional coupons that see an average in the range of 1 – 3% coupons used. But with mobile coupons this is pretty much expected as a result.

Why are mobile coupons used so successfully?

This is because people always have their phone with them. Unlike traditional coupons that people will have to rip out of a newspaper or cut out of a coupon book or flyer, then remember to take with them to redeem.

Just as people always have their phone with them they will always have their mobile coupon with them in their phone.

Not only this but mobile coupons can configured to allow Social Sharing of the mobile coupon that can lead to your coupons going viral. What could be better than your customers sharing your coupons with their friends and family? This puts your coupon into more peoples phones and drive more people to your business in a shorter time.

Large Return On Investment

This little pizza shop managed a 6,700% return on their investment! And this is in a market where they are the only independent pizza shop, surrounded by 5 of the major chain stores with huge marketing budgets.

Depending on what you are selling and what you charge per sale you can generate similar, or perhaps better returns on your investment!

How Was This Done?

These results are from very little simple effort.

We built a coupon page on their site, set up the mobile coupons for the pizza shop, placed their capture and delivery on the coupon page we added to their site and a simple link from their homepage of their website to the coupons page.

The pizza shop listed a single post on their Facebook page, to help drive traffic.

No search engine ads, no newspaper, radio or television ads to build awareness.

Just imagine.

Now include a simple ad on Facebook to the people that have liked your business. This ad will be placed directly in front of these customers on their Facebook account. The immediate attention would only increase the usage of your coupons.

Encourage your coupon holders to share the coupons on Facebook, Twitter and through text messaging and just watch how much more you can generate for your return.

In Summary

There is no way to lose when offering mobile coupons. As it is a pay for use service you are only paying for the results you receive.

You earn new customers as your mobile coupons go viral and are shared by your existing customers. This will only secure the future of your business even further with new increasing number of customers.

With next to nothing for effort on your part and a service that is professionally managed by Local Touch Media you need to start your mobile coupon campaign today.

And then, when your campaign is done you will have a list of people that are very interested in your business.

We can help you further market and build relationships with these customers to help further grow your sales!